For which roofing work do you need to follow specific regulation?

We consider 2 cases, building a new roof and renovating an existing one. Let’s see the main points of both situations.

New roof

For a new building, several performances are required for a new roof:  

  • Weather resistance (waterproofing, resistance to wind, adequate drainage...)  
  • Load resistance, like snow load
  • Insulation (resistance to heat loss) that will also provide an enhanced well-being fo you in the building
  • Specific fire resistance depending on the area of your project 
  • Ventilation to be protected from condensation (for larger roofs). 


Existing roof

For an existing building, you may need approval if:

  • you want to repair or reroof more than 25% of the roof area
  • works may cause structural alterations and cracks in the structure
  • the new roof has different performance, like lower fire resistance. 


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