About Onduline

Global leader in lightweight roofing solutions.


The ONDULINE GROUP designs, produces and markets lightweight materials for roofing, under-roofing, weatherproofing, thermal and acoustical insulation, as well as opaque and translucent materials. The ONDULINE GROUP is the number one world producer of corrugated cellulose-bitumen sheets. In this product area, it is also the number one European producer, with 75 % of the market. The ONDULINE GROUP is the number one French producer of translucent panels.

The ONDULINE GROUP employs 1600 personnes in 10 production plants and 43 commercial affiliates worldwide. It is present on five continents and more than 100 countries. The company’s objective is to meet the needs of its more than 15.000 active retail dealer customers, its tens of thousands of engineers, architects and builders and its hundreds of thousands of users all around the world, thanks to the consistently high quality of its products and services, the productivity of its plants, its innovative approach and, all, the motivation of all its employees.

For over sixty years, the ONDULINE GROUP has exploited the qualities of bitumen to offer building professionals weatherproof building materials and thermal and acoustical insulation, that are both easy to install and durable.

The ONDULINE GROUP was created by the holding company, with French rights, ONDULINE S.A., based in Paris. For more information you can visit: www.onduline.com.

The ONDULINE GROUP materials were introduced to the Bulgarian customers during the autumn fair in the city of Plovdiv in 1992. The ONDULINE STROITELNI MATERIALI Ltd. was registered in August 1993 as a sales branch office of ONDULINE GROUP. During the past years ONDULINE STROITELNI MATERIALI Ltd. was able to create and develop a market for its products. Most of these products were a completely new and were not known in Bulgaria.

By developing its commercial network ONDULINE STROITELNI MATERIALI Ltd. is getting closer to its goal: to bring the products of ONDULINE GROUP as close to its customers as possible and to offer them the best possible service. ONDULINE STROITELNI MATERIALI Ltd. offers to its customers roofing and cladding materials of the lightweight type.



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